A Herstory Lesson with U2

Almost one year ago, just moments after the final echoes of applause finished resonating through crowd at Columbus’s Nationwide Arena, I embraced the magical aftershock I experienced following the Coldplay concert I had just witnessed and took a (somewhat) solemn vow to never attend another concert as long as I live. Nothing, I concluded, could […]

One Year Later…

Inspiration has always struck me at the most inopportune times. I have piles of notebooks filled with half-finished stories and nonsensical elementary school ramblings jotted down in the dark as I tried to clear my mind before falling asleep, and my high school swim coach once bought me a waterproof notepad so I could spend my […]

Soldiers in Petticoats

There are three things that I have been consistently fond of throughout my life: History, making videos and the chance to dress up in goofy costumes. So four years ago when my AP United States History teacher assigned my class a project that required us to create a video on a 19th Century reform movement, […]