Memorial Day weekend has traditionally been such a tease: The long hours frolicking around Atwood Lake followed by late nights with perfectly-toasted marshmallows result in the first shades of sun-tanned skin– disguised as sunburn and mosquito bites, of course– and hold the promise of a seemingly infinite number of carefree summer adventures yet to come. This year, […]

The 65 Degree January Day

Just when I started to feel a twinge of restlessness because it’s been entirely too long since my last adventure, Mother Nature decided to put my Netflix watching to a halt by gracing us with an unseasonably warm Saturday afternoon. Ah, Global Warming! Turns out you are good for something after all. Feel free to […]

Fall-y But Jolly

  One of my favorite aspects of living in Ohio is getting to experience the changing seasons. After spending long hours drenched in sweat after working in the hot sun, I find that I have a much greater appreciation for the blustery fall afternoons spent crunching through the fallen leaves, just as I know I […]

Athens at Dawn

‘Twas the Saturday before classes started and all through the campus, not a student was stirring except for five crazy girls who decided to wake up at 5:40 a.m. to see the sunrise. Disregard my poor rhyme scheme, for I, too, was one of those early risers– my mind is in a haze, though not […]

A Red, Red Sunset

Ahhh… Summer break! I thought to myself, hopefully yet naively as I punctuated the last sentence of my last final of my first year of college. One year down, three and a half glorious months of sheer freedom from academia to go.  At the time, three and a half months of summer break seemed unfathomable– there […]

Atwood Lake Escapades

Atwood Lake in Tuscarawas County, Ohio, is a place so akin to a second home to me that I can hardly justify calling a visit here an adventure. My grandparents have owned their cottage since the ’70s, and my grandma’s brother has owned the cottage across the street for just as long. Thus, I have spent weekends […]

Puppy Playdate

I got to spend my Sunday surrounded by my favorite people– err, dogs. It was an afternoon filled with kisses, belly rubs and treats; if you’re having a ruff day, I have no doubt that these pictures can bring a little puppy love into your life.

Rocking Around the Sandusky

Some girls look forward to receiving cute texts wishing them a good night, sans biting bed bugs. Others cherish waking up to thoughtful “good morning” messages, reminding them how they’re in the forefront of their significant others’ minds, even in the earliest of hours. I, on the other hand, was particularly satisfied one afternoon when I found […]

Hike Farther

Waking up the morning after a day of hiking covered in scrapes and feeling noticeably sore is a strong indicator of two things: 1. I’m rather out of shape, and 2. The previous day’s adventure was pretty successful. On this humid, overcast Saturday afternoon, I ventured to Cascade Park in Elyria, Ohio. In addition to several hiking trails in […]

Adventures: A Series

I recently came across William H. Danforth’s book I Dare You!— a self-help guide based on the author’s success story, designed to motivate young adults to take charge of their lives and become leaders in society. Although the book was published in 1931, the 85-year-old words of wisdom resonated with me, particularly the author’s stance on seizing the day: “In […]