One Year Later…

Inspiration has always struck me at the most inopportune times. I have piles of notebooks filled with half-finished stories and nonsensical elementary school ramblings jotted down in the dark as I tried to clear my mind before falling asleep, and my high school swim coach once bought me a waterproof notepad so I could spend my […]

Free Hugs

On a chilly Thursday afternoon following my final class of the day, I shoved my hands in my coat pockets and began my usual speed walking routine, eager to dump my backpack on my bedroom floor and trade in my jeans for a pair of sweatpants. I had reached the end of a week-long marathon of […]

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In the 22 days that I have been home from my first year of college, I’ve answered the question, “So, how was school?” about 50 times. Sometimes the question is merely uttered in passing as a polite greeting; those are my favorite encounters, as I can smile and reply, “Great!” without having to delve into […]