Memorial Day weekend has traditionally been such a tease: The long hours frolicking around Atwood Lake followed by late nights with perfectly-toasted marshmallows result in the first shades of sun-tanned skin– disguised as sunburn and mosquito bites, of course– and hold the promise of a seemingly infinite number of carefree summer adventures yet to come. This year, […]

Fall-y But Jolly

  One of my favorite aspects of living in Ohio is getting to experience the changing seasons. After spending long hours drenched in sweat after working in the hot sun, I find that I have a much greater appreciation for the blustery fall afternoons spent crunching through the fallen leaves, just as I know I […]

“Are You Laughing or Crying?”

  Heights and I have never gotten along. I have vivid memories of spending ten minutes gripping the railings of the high dive at Oberlin College as I tried to convince my 10-year-old self to take the plunge, and I spent more hours of my childhood crying as my parents tried to convince me to ride roller coasters […]

“Big Arms! Fast Feet!”

“Coach Mallory, how many more minutes left?” Deep breaths, I tell myself as I glance at the clock, muster a grin and say, “Streamline off the wall! First person, ready, go!”–  strategically allowing myself to avoid the inevitable groans and splashy revenge that would ensue if I disclosed that there are, indeed, 40 minutes left of our hour-long […]

Say “Trees!”

This summer, people find Cleveland synonymous with two national spotlights: the Cavaliers’ NBA title and the Republican National Convention. The quieter, simpler attractions in Northeast Ohio are often overlooked by the teams and museums that make The Land famous (or infamous); however, there are scores of natural exhibits that, in my mind, Trump the city’s headline-earning events. (Feel […]

A Red, Red Sunset

Ahhh… Summer break! I thought to myself, hopefully yet naively as I punctuated the last sentence of my last final of my first year of college. One year down, three and a half glorious months of sheer freedom from academia to go.  At the time, three and a half months of summer break seemed unfathomable– there […]

The Sunshine State of Mind

Slowly (okay, quickly) but surely I’ve found myself becoming the irritating “friend” and “follower” who posts every waking moment of her life to social media via photos, video and blog posts. As I took the time to shoot the hours and hours of video that went into this 2 minutes and 44 second video, I routinely […]

The Art of the Road Trip

After using my GoPro Hero 4 Silver Edition for about a month, I’ve discovered three noticeable flaws: poor audio quality, the inability to zoom and the overwhelming desire it gives me to record everything and anything that steps in front of my camera, even when I otherwise would not consider capturing it. The latter is how […]

A Sunset Swim

Bright, erupting sunsets cascading down over a body of water that reflect so vibrantly I can’t even tell where the sky ends and the water begins are undeniably my favorite phenomena to witness, even when they signal the end to a magnificent vacation. After several rounds of cards lazily played as we lounged around in […]