Miscellaneous Videos

BobcaThon’s countdown to standing for the 2018 Winter Olympics-themed dance marathon.


Twelve hours is a long time to stand on your feet, so we recapped the day’s events to motivate participants to keep dancing FTK.


Delta Zeta at Ohio University’s Bid Day 2017


Worried about the inevitable political conversations that will come up at the dinner table this holiday season? Here are 10 ways to avoid these touchy subjects, as told by my women’s, gender, and sexuality studies class.


Members of Her Campus at Ohio University share what sets HCOU apart from other student-run publications on campus.


Delta Zeta at Ohio University’s Bid Day 2016


After reading the book “The Happiness Project” by Gretchen Rubin, I decided to set out and see what made everyday people happy. For some, simple pleasures like chocolate and Star Wars bring the greatest joy. Others are most content knowing that they’re healthy and with good company. Everyone, though, can agree on one thing: “Contentment comes from the soul.”


I was featured on Total Sorority Move for being a human with an affinity for elf culture.