The Sunshine State of Mind

Slowly (okay, quickly) but surely I’ve found myself becoming the irritating “friend” and “follower” who posts every waking moment of her life to social media via photos, video and blog posts. As I took the time to shoot the hours and hours of video that went into this 2 minutes and 44 second video, I routinely […]

The Art of the Road Trip

After using my GoPro Hero 4 Silver Edition for about a month, I’ve discovered three noticeable flaws: poor audio quality, the inability to zoom and the overwhelming desire it gives me to record everything and anything that steps in front of my camera, even when I otherwise would not consider capturing it. The latter is how […]

A Sunset Swim

Bright, erupting sunsets cascading down over a body of water that reflect so vibrantly I can’t even tell where the sky ends and the water begins are undeniably my favorite phenomena to witness, even when they signal the end to a magnificent vacation. After several rounds of cards lazily played as we lounged around in […]

At the End of the Rainbow

The Golski and Heyd families were not the only new arrivals in Florida this week; as soon as we decided to make the journey to the Gulf, Tropical Storm Colin decided to roll in, too. I like to think that we’re trend setters of sorts, and that Colin just had to come pay us a visit, just to […]

Free Food, Photo Ops and Florida

As I’m composing this post, I’m sitting on a porch with a smoothie in my hand and a clear view of palm trees, blue skies and sunshine. The sound of children giggling resonates throughout the house, and the cry of someone pleading for aloe is drifting from the kitchen. Life is pretty grand. We finally made […]

The Only Ten I’ve Seen

My family’s cottage on Atwood Lake is home to an accumulation of hand-me-down couches and recliners that no longer fit the stylish standards of “this season’s” (or this decade’s) décor. Among these mismatched items stands a five-shelf bookshelf that showcases a small portion of my great-grandfather’s library of encyclopedias, poetry, drama and philosophical texts. The […]