#70: Will I Become a Coffee Drinker?

This week, a wave of nostalgia struck when I realized that I’m officially halfway done with my college experience. (I’d say that I’m “over the hill,” but fortunately, I go to Ohio University– I’m going to be walking up a hill for the next two years of my life.) I took a mini break from studying […]


If you’ve never had the opportunity to sit in a room filled with hundreds of Type A personalities who share a common enthusiasm for busy schedules, jam-packed resumes and business casual attire, allow me to enlighten you: The tables are cluttered with more coffee cups than hours of sleep collectively received by any member of […]

Haikus for the Mid-Semester Blues

Fifteen weeks and yet Why do all big assignments All take place at once? Week Seven will bring Papers and projects and tests. Instead, I will write. Procrastination? I refer to it as a Survival method. Haikus clear my mind As the week’s stress takes over; I should go study. I remember when Poems were […]

Just Say No to Clubs

Ahh, the college involvement fair: The two-hour-long freebie and flyer extravaganza teeming with swarms of elbow-throwing exec teams on the hunt for the newest students to join their organizations that, to most, epitomizes the pinnacle of their freshman year experience. Just a few days ago, I strongly anticipated that I would spend the entirety of […]

Rulez 4 Life

In the midst of a recent cleaning frenzy, I uncovered a holy grail of self-help mantras that dripped with advice as though it had absorbed the mound of Seventeen magazines packed around it. The book cover’s promises to guide me through tips, rules, how-tos and pictures lured me in, guaranteeing my success in the upcoming school year. I […]

#3: Who Will I Hug in College?

Eight months ago, just as most incoming freshmen were compiling extensive lists of their top dorm room necessities, I composed a list of 75 worries running through my mind prior to starting my first year of college. Although I spent a considerable portion of the summer crying as I reminisced about high school and said goodbye to […]

Farewell, Freshman Fifteen

When I was 10 years old, I started swimming. Around the same time, my dad affectionately deemed that I was a “full-force eater.” “What the heck does that mean?” you may have just asked yourself as you nibbled on your side salad and daintily sipped your glass of water. If that’s the case, I can […]

Warm Weather? Spring it On.

There’s something about sunny, 70º weather that makes me want to twirl around in a sundress, Fräulein Maria-style and sing, “The hiiilllllls of Athens are aliiiiiiive!” Unfortunately, I’m afraid that I’m no Julie Andrews, so in lieu of deafening the entire campus, I decided to capture the springtime beauty in Athens by taking pictures rather […]