If you’ve never had the opportunity to sit in a room filled with hundreds of Type A personalities who share a common enthusiasm for busy schedules, jam-packed resumes and business casual attire, allow me to enlighten you: The tables are cluttered with more coffee cups than hours of sleep collectively received by any member of […]

Just Say No to Clubs

Ahh, the college involvement fair: The two-hour-long freebie and flyer extravaganza teeming with swarms of elbow-throwing exec teams on the hunt for the newest students to join their organizations that, to most, epitomizes the pinnacle of their freshman year experience. Just a few days ago, I strongly anticipated that I would spend the entirety of […]

Rulez 4 Life

In the midst of a recent cleaning frenzy, I uncovered a holy grail of self-help mantras that dripped with advice as though it had absorbed the mound of Seventeen magazines packed around it. The book cover’s promises to guide me through tips, rules, how-tos and pictures lured me in, guaranteeing my success in the upcoming school year. I […]

#3: Who Will I Hug in College?

Eight months ago, just as most incoming freshmen were compiling extensive lists of their top dorm room necessities, I composed a list of 75 worries running through my mind prior to starting my first year of college. Although I spent a considerable portion of the summer crying as I reminisced about high school and said goodbye to […]

Warm Weather? Spring it On.

There’s something about sunny, 70º weather that makes me want to twirl around in a sundress, Fräulein Maria-style and sing, “The hiiilllllls of Athens are aliiiiiiive!” Unfortunately, I’m afraid that I’m no Julie Andrews, so in lieu of deafening the entire campus, I decided to capture the springtime beauty in Athens by taking pictures rather […]