The Naughty List

Thirteen Christmases ago while on my seventh annual pilgrimage to see old St. Nick, I went down in history as the worst sibling in, well, the history of siblings. I put my adorably innocent three-year-old brother on the Naughty List. Trust me, I’m aware of how horrible of a person that makes me. I know […]

Free Hugs

On a chilly Thursday afternoon following my final class of the day, I shoved my hands in my coat pockets and began my usual speed walking routine, eager to dump my backpack on my bedroom floor and trade in my jeans for a pair of sweatpants. I had reached the end of a week-long marathon of […]

Soldiers in Petticoats

There are three things that I have been consistently fond of throughout my life: History, making videos and the chance to dress up in goofy costumes. So four years ago when my AP United States History teacher assigned my class a project that required us to create a video on a 19th Century reform movement, […]

“Big Arms! Fast Feet!”

“Coach Mallory, how many more minutes left?” Deep breaths, I tell myself as I glance at the clock, muster a grin and say, “Streamline off the wall! First person, ready, go!”–  strategically allowing myself to avoid the inevitable groans and splashy revenge that would ensue if I disclosed that there are, indeed, 40 minutes left of our hour-long […]

A Red, Red Sunset

Ahhh… Summer break! I thought to myself, hopefully yet naively as I punctuated the last sentence of my last final of my first year of college. One year down, three and a half glorious months of sheer freedom from academia to go.  At the time, three and a half months of summer break seemed unfathomable– there […]

The Good, the Bad, and the Awkward

Five years ago, convinced that I would spend my entire summer replacing brain cells with chlorinated water and not otherwise engaging in productive activities, my grandma thrust an Amherst Public Library calendar in my hands and insisted that I find an event or two to attend. I glanced down at the list of caricature drawing classes, […]

Puppy Playdate

I got to spend my Sunday surrounded by my favorite people– err, dogs. It was an afternoon filled with kisses, belly rubs and treats; if you’re having a ruff day, I have no doubt that these pictures can bring a little puppy love into your life.

Tea for Two

In the fifth grade, one of my best friends, Matthew, introduced me to the concept of stream of consciousness. Fast forward eight years, and I’m still just as amazed by the progression of a good conversation and how something as simple as a Buddha necklace can trigger two hours of profound dialogue disguised as a coffee […]

Welcome to Reality With Mallory

Hi, my name is Mallory Golski and this is Reality With Mallory. For some millennials my age, the sound of Crocs squeaking against the floor, the feeling of lost circulation due to skin-tight graphic tees and the overwhelming stench– err, aroma of Abercrombie cologne are enough to give them flashbacks to their middle school days. While I […]