Hi! My name is Mallory Golski, and this is Reality With Mallory.

I was ten years old when the renowned talk show Reality With Mallory became a household phrase– well, a phrase in my household, anyway. Armed with a box of dress up clothes, my grandpa’s old digital camera and hours of after-school spare time to kill, I set out to become the next Amanda Show or iCarly star as I transformed my living room into a set and began interviewing my friends and family.

I didn’t realize it at the time, but the hours of laughter and bizarre characters that went into each episode of my talk show helped foster my love for videography and storytelling– a passion that continued to grow throughout my experience in my high school’s TV class that I hoped to turn into a career when I began studying journalism at Ohio University.

During my freshman year of college, I began to lose sight of this passion during a bout of frustration I experienced in one of my intro-level journalism courses. As I wrote and rewrote countless stories about crime and death, I began questioning whether or not I was meant to pursue a career in journalism; I couldn’t stand the thought of spending a considerable portion of my life covering city council meetings when all I wanted was the same creative freedom I had experienced in high school.

In the midst of my crisis, I decided to start this blog: A hodgepodge of musings full of adventures and anecdotes that will hopefully inspire you to enjoy the trivial moments of happiness in day-to-day life. My eye for adventure is always 20/20– I’ve rappelled down a 5-story building, had my palms read by a stranger and made pizzas in a high school cafeteria, all in search of a story.

I am currently a junior at Ohio University where I thrive on chocolate and I never turn down the opportunity for a good pun. When I’m not holding a camera, I can be found seeking adventure, immersing myself in a good book or stimulating the economy through online shopping.

Email: mgolski@gmail.com | Twitter: @malgraceg | Instagram: @malgrace

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  1. You are hilarious! I love your blog, thank you for following me xoxo

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