Memorial Day weekend has traditionally been such a tease: The long hours frolicking around Atwood Lake followed by late nights with perfectly-toasted marshmallows result in the first shades of sun-tanned skin– disguised as sunburn and mosquito bites, of course– and hold the promise of a seemingly infinite number of carefree summer adventures yet to come.

This year, Memorial Day weekend was more or less a pleasant distraction from the world of quasi-adulthood I entered upon starting my internship with Nordson Corporation’s corporate communications department almost a month ago. After spending the better part of three weeks cooped up inside, I slathered on sunscreen, grabbed a book and embraced the sunshine for all it was worth– my sunburn, I justified, is a small souvenir to prove to the world that yes, I did spend some time outside this summer.

Don’t get me wrong– my internship is definitely a great experience, and it’s not so much my absence from the Anna Mohr Schmauch Memorial Pool that’s putting a damper on my summer break as much as it’s the fact I’m still in northeast Ohio. Seeing many of my friends embark on glamorous internships and study abroad adventures has created a habit of vicarious living; every morning as I battle the annoyances of rush hour traffic, I wonder when it will be my turn explore.

That’s why on Memorial Day weekend, I challenged myself to look at this summer from a new perspective. In the short term, this meant grabbing my GoPro and DSLR and snapping some pictures (including a handful that I captured while playing with bulb mode!) to remind myself that while I may not be in some faraway land, there is still plenty of beauty in the world to see. In the long term, this means embracing the adventures life throws at me, especially when they’re disguised by cubicles and business casual attire.

Stay tuned for more anecdotes from my corporate undertaking.

In the meantime, check out some of my photos from this past weekend:















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