#70: Will I Become a Coffee Drinker?

This week, a wave of nostalgia struck when I realized that I’m officially halfway done with my college experience. (I’d say that I’m “over the hill,” but fortunately, I go to Ohio University– I’m going to be walking up a hill for the next two years of my life.)

I took a mini break from studying to open up my list of 75 college-related worries that I penned nearly two years ago before starting my freshman year of college.

The list was admittedly more embarrassing than it was last year, yet it served as a friendly reminder that although I was overwhelmingly stressed by the amount of work I needed to complete, at least I was no longer panicking about eating by myself in the dining hall.

I smiled when #8 (Are care packages a thing?) reminded me of the cards from my friends and family that seemed to magically appear right when I was the most stressed out, I cringed when #36 (Will I ever utilize the rec center?) reminded me that I hadn’t been to the gym since before spring break (oops) and I couldn’t help but feel a little bit remorseful that I hadn’t take then time to publish any of my anecdotes from the final month of my second year of college.

Throughout my sophomore year of college, I rappelled down a five-story building, listened to former President Bill Clinton speak on campus, contributed a video to a BuzzFeed story, presided over my sorority, traveled to Dallas and Chicago and consumed more milkshakes than I can count. Yet, if I had had the time to sit down and chronicle any of the “adventures” that have taken place during the month of April, the title of the post probably would’ve looked something like these:

  1. Hang On, Let Me Grab My Camera
  2. Ugh, My Stupid Phone Died Again!!
  3. That One Time I Started Collecting Pennies
  4. Hooray! I Got More Than Four Hours of Sleep!
  5. Evidently I Am Not Becoming a Botanist: How I Got My First-Ever C

Instead of divulging the grave details of those trivial anecdotes, allow me to share the most notable, unthinkable moment that perfectly sums up my month of April and answers question #70 on my extensive list of pre-college concerns: I finally started drinking coffee.

For almost 20 years of my life, I artfully avoided the caffeinated beverage– that is, until one sunny April morning following my third consecutive night of minimal sleep when I woke up feeling more like Loreali Gilmore than I ever thought possible. I patronized one of the campus cafés, ordered a medium iced coffee and managed to survive the rest of the day without falling asleep in class.

Earth-shattering, am I right?

Okay, so maybe becoming a coffee drinker isn’t my most profound life update yet, but you know what? It’s helped me master the art of acting like a civil human being while running on 4.5 hours of sleep and even makes me feel somewhat like an adult– two skills that boost the credentials on my resume by at least 15%.

Sophomore year? Check!

Now please excuse me while I do absolutely nothing for at least 48 more hours.

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  1. g_smith224@oh.rr.com says: Reply

    You are so amazing, Honey!!!! Loved this blog…Congratulations on finishing your sophomore year 🙂

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