Village Bakery and Café

Restaurant: Village Bakery and Café

Address: 268 E State St. Athens, OH 45701

What We Ate: Belgian Waffle, Rancheros Verduras

If I was a character in a ’90s sitcom, there’s a pretty good chance my storyline would be centered around my hangout of choice: Union Street Diner in Athens, Ohio. As much as I love a good cookies ‘n cream milkshake, I’ve made it a goal to break away from USD’s green vinyl booths and try something new every once in a while.

(Don’t worry, USD. Your cheese fries will always hold a very special place in my heart.)

Like many restaurants in Athens, Village Bakery and Café is committed to using seasonal, sustainably-grown ingredients from Southeast Ohio.

As if their food wasn’t delicious enough to reflect this practice, their signs are a constant reminder of their commitment to the economy and the environment.



Let’s be honest: Any restaurant whose food and aesthetic are both on point is a win in my book. (Get it? Point? Cacti? I’m the worst.)


While Village Bakery and Café boasts an impressive array of fresh soups, salads and sandwiches on their daily menu, their Sunday brunch menu is complete with favorites from French toast to frittata.


The Rancheros Verduras– tempeh sausage, onions, peppers, corn, sauteed greens and salsa on baked corn polenta– was my attempt at branching out (or, dare I say, brunching out) and trying an alllllmost vegan meal (C’mon, it’s breakfast! I can’t turn down some good old scrambled eggs… or cheese).

I had never tried tempeh before, but I was pleasantly surprised by how closely it resembled the taste of bacon. The dish was the perfect combination of salty and sweet and was by far the most delicious breakfast I have ever consumed.


Demari played it safe by ordering the Belgian waffle– or so he thought. Although he wasn’t a huge fan of the raspberry topping, we both agreed that it was a pretty decent breakfast. (Yes, I helped him finish his food. How’s that for reversing gender roles?)


While the menu is a little pricy for a college student’s budget ($5-$14), the food and atmosphere are well worth the splurge– I will definitely be making my way here again.

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