Little Things to Love

Valentine’s Day is just one big, pink, glittery hullabaloo.

Now, don’t get me wrong– I enjoy a good glittery hullabaloo, particularly when it involves copious amounts of chocolate and gigantic teddy bears. Truthfully, there really is nothing wrong with devoting an entire holiday to love.

After spending so much of the last year focusing on the hate in the world, we really do need an entire month dedicated to telling people how much they mean to us, sending handwritten notes (even if that means just swapping the Valentines that come in a box) and taking the time to do things that we enjoy with the people we enjoy.

In fact, we need a more than 28 days of love– we need 365 days of love.

Over the past year, I challenged myself to take note of the little moments that I loved. Now, I challenge you to devise a list of your own.

What makes you smile? What makes you laugh? What makes you (literally) jump for joy?

Take a moment to recognize when your heart is filled with love, but spend even more time treating other people with love– it really is all we need.

220 Little Things To Love (In No Particular Order):

  1. When the sunlight peeks through the trees when you’re driving 
  2. Sunsets
  3. When the song you’re listening to in the car makes you feel like you’re in a movie
  4. Listening to an album for the first time and becoming completely immersed in it
  5. When you can see a date you’re looking forward to on the 15 day forecast 
  6. February 29
  7. The random warm day in the middle of winter
  8. When it’s finally warm enough to wear shorts
  9. When the people who work in the dining halls say, “How’s everyone doing today?”
  10. When you have a great conversation with someone you’ve never talked to before
  11. When someone leaves the light on for you when you come home late
  12. When the flowers begin to bloom in the spring
  13. Twirling in a dress or skirt
  14. Swinging in a hammock
  15. Sipping lemonade
  16. Reading someone’s mind just by sharing a glance
  17. Swinging on a swing
  18. Toasting marshmallows and eating s’mores
  19. Jumping into the water on a hot day
  20. Sitting by a fire and smelling like fire when you come inside
  21. The smell of sunscreen 
  22. Leaving footprints in the sand
  23. Collecting sea shells
  24. The first taste of ice cream
  25. Jumping over waves
  26. Going under water
  27. Road Trips
  28. Driving across state lines
  29. Walking inside an air conditioned building on a hot day
  30. Pulling your hair up in a pony tail on a hot day
  31. When daisies grow on the side of the road
  32. When you say something that accidentally rhymes
  33. Seeing Volkswagen Beetles on the road
  34. Watching raindrops “race” across the windshield
  35. When people give you song recommendations  
  36. Writing in a journal
  37. Listening to people talk about what they love
  38. Watching people do what they love 
  39. The sound of rain as you’re falling asleep
  40. The first scoop out of a fresh jar of peanut butter 
  41. Learning a new word and finding yourself using it in a sentence
  42. Sending postcards
  43. Receiving postcards
  44. When people genuinely listen to and react to the stories you tell 
  45. The feeling of freshly-shaved legs
  46. The smell of freshly-washed hair
  47. The sound of water splashing when someone jumps off the diving board
  48. Jumping off the diving board
  49. Fireworks
  50. Riding your bike
  51. Cookouts
  52. Kayaking
  53. Riding in a convertible
  54. Having absolutely nothing to do for an entire day
  55. Sharing favorite books with someone
  56. Finding a great quote in a book
  57. Taking the perfect photo
  58. Watching the Olympics
  59. Watching swimming on the Olympics
  60. Missy Franklin’s smile
  61. Peanut butter and banana sandwiches 
  62. Editing video
  63. Complimenting/encouraging young kids
  64. The smell of the earth after it rains
  65. Rainbows
  66. Chocolate cake with chocolate frosting 
  67. Sharing baked goods with people
  68. Making people laugh
  69. Making people happy
  70. Talking to little kids
  71. Finding yourself so absorbed in a book that you can’t see anything but the words on the page and the images in your mind
  72. Chaco tan lines 
  73. Giving small gifts to people
  74. Unexpected, kind gestures
  75. Paying for someone’s food
  76. Holding the door open for people
  77. Giving and receiving hugs 
  78. Braiding people’s hair
  79. Not having to wake up to an alarm
  80. Freshly-painted nails
  81. Laughing uncontrollably 
  82. Milkshakes
  83. Paying for something with a gift card
  84. Showering after working out
  85. When clouds look like the wallpaper in Toy Story
  86. Hiking
  87. Accidentally saying something that turns into a great quote
  88. Making it to the gym more than once a week
  89. Garlic bread
  90. Caramel apples
  91. When the leaves first begin to change
  92. The first cool day in fall when you break out jeans and close-toed shoes
  93. When your tea/coffee/hot chocolate finally cools down enough to drink
  94. Creating the perfect messy bun
  95. Spontaneously getting inspiration for what to write a paper/article on
  96. When you realize that you and someone you recently met have a random mutual friend
  97. Late-night conversations
  98. Cuddling a dog
  99. Randomly seeing someone with a dog
  100. Eating breakfast with friends
  101. Being able to get ready slowly in the morning
  102. Reminiscing on all of the memories a good song provides
  103. Hearing your favorite songs performed live
  104. Singing your favorite songs in the car with your favorite people
  105. Late-night food runs 
  106. Eating ice cream straight from the carton
  107. Random compliments from strangers
  108. Good hair days
  109. When nail polish lasts more than a day without chipping 
  110. Fall candles 
  111. The crunching of fallen leaves beneath your feet 
  112. Surprises
  113. The perfect candid photo
  114. “I miss you” texts
  115. Getting mail
  116. Free food
  117. The moment when your food arrives at a restaurant
  118. The smell of freshly-cut grass
  119. The smell of leaves
  120. Receiving random care packages
  121. “Hey, this made me think of you!” texts
  122. Finally being able to go to bed after finishing your homework
  123. Laughing with friends as you procrastinate on your homework
  124. The feeling of confidence when you’re wearing a cute outfit
  125. Learning that you have the same favorite song as someone
  126. Reading poetry
  127. The perfect, spontaneous pun
  128. Singing Christmas carols at any time of the year
  129. Being in charge
  130. Having your room to yourself
  131. Having time to read for fun
  132. Writing in peace
  133. Witnessing acts of kindness
  134. Spontaneously meeting someone wonderful during an interview
  135. Seeing butterflies
  136. Seeing frost on the grass
  137. Seeing your breath in the cold
  138. Chocolate ice cream
  139. Peppermint hot chocolate
  140. Movie theater popcorn 
  141. Congratulatory texts
  142. Taking out your contacts
  143. Clean laundry
  144. When people fold your laundry for you
  145. Talking to friends in person
  146. When your dog greets you at the door
  147. Finishing a craft
  148. Christmas lights 
  149. Classical Christmas music 
  150. Baking cookies with friends
  151. Putting up the Christmas tree
  152. The first snowfall of the year
  153. Carmel Popcorn
  154. Opening up Christmas presents
  155. Giving Christmas presents
  156. Listening to Christmas music while driving in the winter
  157. Candle-lit Christmas Eve services
  158. Writing your name on a foggy window or mirror
  159. Taking family pictures
  160. Giving a dog a treat
  161. Getting kisses from a dog
  162. Spaghetti
  163. The final 60 seconds of December 31
  164. The first 60 seconds of January 1
  165. Playing board games with friends
  166. Laughing until tears form in your eyes
  167. The feeling after you swim
  168. Catching up with old friends
  169. Listening to throwback music
  170. When the lights go out right before a concert or play starts
  171. Being proud of a friend
  172. Twinkle lights
  173. Pancakes
  174. Sleeping with your dog at your feet
  175. Music playing from a record player
  176. Candles
  177. Admiring Valentine’s Day decorations
  178. Wearing business casual clothing and feeling powerful
  179. Speaking in front of people
  180. Composing a perfectly-worded email
  181. Volunteering
  182. Being told “thank you”
  183. The smell of popcorn
  184. Doodling
  185. Looking at “perfect” handwriting
  186. Finishing your homework
  187. Making a good comment in a class discussion
  188. Editing people’s papers
  189. Managing to not fall while ice skating
  190. Splashing in puddles
  191. Sharing your umbrella on a day it rains
  192. Changing into a sweatshirt and sweatpants
  193. Stepping inside after walking outside on a cold day
  194. Finding out that you have something trivial in common with someone
  195. Simultaneously having the same great idea as someone
  196. Getting the window seat on a plane
  197. Waking up at 2 a.m. and realizing that you still have plenty of time to sleep
  198. Glitter
  199. Seeing your favorite color
  200. Checking items off of a to-do list
  201. Coming up with a great idea
  202. Pints of Ben & Jerry’s
  203. When people pay for your food
  204. Adventuring
  205. Playing board games
  206. Breakfast food
  207. Quoting movies
  208. Quoting Spongebob 
  209. Listening to Disney music
  210. A good throwback playlist
  211. Wandering around Target
  212. Thrifting
  213. Cleaning your closet
  214. Fuzzy socks
  215. Wearing lipstick
  216. Feeling powerful in a business casual outfit
  217. Polaroid pictures
  218. Watching the sunrise
  219. Movie nights
  220. Handwritten letters

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5 Replies to “Little Things to Love”

  1. 220 and not a single mention of The Beatles?!?! Have a nice walk home from Athens!

  2. Georgie Smith says: Reply

    I loved this today, Honey! Really lifted my spirits! You are such a blessing to so many! Keep up the great work….You are headed for nothing but SUCCESS! XOXO. <3

  3. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE is all I have to say about this, great job and so well written! It even inspired me to start my own list!

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