Voting + Weddings = BuzzFeed

If someone had told me last Sunday that over the course of the upcoming week, Donald Trump would be elected President of the United States and consequently, I would contribute a video story to a BuzzFeed article, I probably would have responded, “In what parallel universe?”

Alas, I couldn’t possibly make up a situation quite like this; evidently, anything is possible.

Experts have always said that the best way to stay in shape is by exercising your right to vote. On Tuesday, I got to join the fitness craze when I voted in my first-ever presidential election.


Whether or not the election results were what you were hoping for, I am certain that the violence that has already ensued throughout the country is not what anybody was crossing their fingers for as they anxiously watched the results pour in on Tuesday night; I’ve decided that the one way we can all combat the negativity surrounding this election is simply by focusing our energy on the acts of positivity, both great and small, rather than paying attention to the hate.

On Wednesday morning, my Women’s Studies classmates and I received an email from our professor, Dr. Marsan. The message was short and sweet: “so my girlfriend and I are getting married in protest at 1pm outside the courthouse if any of you want to come :)”


I decided to bring a camera to the event, primarily because I had a story due in my journalism class the next day, but also because I felt that this story was more than a way to just get an A on an assignment– it was a way to show my support for the LGBT community.

When I got to the courthouse, people were crying and hugging and being extremely supportive of one another, despite the somber vibes that radiated throughout the group. The wedding was incredible to witness; all at once, people were crying and hugging all over again. This time, it was out of joy.

It definitely served as a reminder to everyone that even though the controversy surrounding our president-elect has generated a lot of negativity throughout the country, everyone still has the ability to join together and demonstrate that love really does trump hate.

Thursday morning, I presented the video to my journalism class and that afternoon, I showed it to my Women’s Studies class. About an hour after class ended, I received an email from Dr. Marsan: A reporter from BuzzFeed contacted her, asking if she could do a story on the wedding. Dr. Marsan agreed AND sent her the link to my video. Ten minutes later, I received an email from the same reporter, asking if she could use my video and photos in her article.

That, my friends, is how my professor made national news while I helped contribute to the story. A BuzzFeed story. I must admit, it still has yet to sink in.

On Friday morning, I walked by a massive crowd of elementary school students who gathered to watch the Veteran’s Day parade. I couldn’t help but pause and admire their festive, handmade patriotic hats and matching red, white and blue attire.


One boy’s shirt in particular caught my eye when I noticed the bold, patriotic message etched across the front: America is AWESOME! It was so refreshing to watch all of the kids skip around, waving their American flags and demonstrating an unbridled sense of patriotism– Now, more than ever, Americans need to channel their inner kindergarteners.

Be kind, appreciate the little things and remember: America is AWESOME.

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