Fall-y But Jolly


One of my favorite aspects of living in Ohio is getting to experience the changing seasons. After spending long hours drenched in sweat after working in the hot sun, I find that I have a much greater appreciation for the blustery fall afternoons spent crunching through the fallen leaves, just as I know I will twirl around in a sun dress and proclaim that spring is my favorite season when the snow melts again in April.

After kicking off my Snapshot Sunday series, I found myself worrying that I might not come across enough Insta-worthy moments throughout the week to justify another post. The changing leaves and sunny skies thought otherwise; I found myself snapping more photos than I even know what to do with.

This week started off warm enough to sport a tee shirt and shorts and concluded with a crisp, sunny afternoon filled with hayrides and hot chocolate– a friendly reminder that Thanksgiving is only one month away.

In the third part of my story about the ROTC, I got to participate in a Leadership Lab, aka a solid excuse to explore the woods, crawl in the dirt and capture an experience that looks eerily like a real-life Call of Duty game.


Nothing beats an a-maize-ing fall activity like navigating through a cornfield in search of the way out– without cheating, of course.


This sunny fellow is still holding on to the last traces of summer. I feel you, little guy.


My friends and I paid a visit to Libby’s Pumpkin Patch in Albany, Ohio. On our way there, I officially lost my navigation privileges after directing us down a two mile stretch of gravel road in lieu of the highway. We also got chased by a vicious dog. I blame Google Maps.


Yes, I went out of my way to trudge through an enormous pile of wet leaves for this photo op and yes, it was worth it…


…because let’s face it: The only thing prettier than good ol’ Athens Blocks are Athens Blocks covered with colorful leaves.


Seriously, though, I can’t walk more than five steps through College Green without being reminded of how I go to the most beautiful college in the world (in my completely un-biased opinion, obviously).


No need to mums the word– I love a good pop of pink to break up the blends of red, orange and yellow.


But then again, can you really ever have enough of these festive hues?
I can almost hear the Scarecrow singing “If I Only Had a Brain.”


This barn had such a quaint, Footloose vibe that I couldn’t help but want to kick off my Sunday shoes.


Have a great week!


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  1. really enjoyed this as I have all your posts. See you soon.

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