Snapshot Sunday: Album One

Every day, I find myself reaching for my phone to capture photos of vibrant foliage, intriguing book covers, and dripping ice cream cones– trivial, yet significantly happy moments that often blend into the ordinary heartbeats of day-to-day existence.

This seemingly endless supply of images is juxtaposed with the understanding that I probably shouldn’t clog up innocent followers’ Insta feeds with mediocre iPhoneography. (Can you say, “First World Problems?”)

While scrolling through the 2,468 photos that hog several gigabytes of my iPhone storage, I had the idea to share these moments in a weekly series, Snapshot Sundays. While I do understand that these posts may border on the same obnoxious egotism associated with excessive Instagram posts, I am hoping that this series will challenge me to continue noticing the little moments each day that bring joy, if only for a fleeting moment.

This week began with a 5 a.m. Monday morning wakeup call and concluded with a 2 a.m. Sunday morning conversation between old friends who came to visit– the kind of sleeplessness that doesn’t accompany a stressful workload, but rather a collection of happy moments that fill my repertoire of memories.

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Monday morning’s 6 a.m. Combat Water Survival Test: An exhilarating reminder that I have the best job ever.


Okay, I didn’t necessarily take this picture this week, but I screenshotted it from a video so it totally counts. It has been two weeks since I have seen my best friend and I miss her immensely.


After catching up with a friend, we both stepped out of the dining hall and marveled at the gorgeous sunset that fell over West Green– this photo doesn’t even begin to do it justice.


A friendly reminder from the Richland Wall.


As the beloved Rebecca Black famously said, “Gotta get down!”


Getting to show my two friends, Katie and Katlyn, around Ohio University and introduce them to the brilliance that is Union Street Diner made Sweetest Day truly sweet, indeed.

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  1. SNAPSHOT SUNDAYS ARE THE BEST! Such a fun idea, Mal!

  2. Mary Ann Golski says: Reply

    Enjoyed this. Great idea. So nice you are appreciating such simple little things. Keep up the good work MA

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  3. Stephanie Golski says: Reply

    Thanks for sharing! Love it! ❤️

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