Haikus for the Mid-Semester Blues

Fifteen weeks and yet
Why do all big assignments
All take place at once?

Week Seven will bring
Papers and projects and tests.
Instead, I will write.

I refer to it as a
Survival method.

Haikus clear my mind
As the week’s stress takes over;
I should go study.

I remember when
Poems were my hardest task.
I miss middle school.

There’s so much work, so
I complain (sarcastically):
Please, assign us more!

Twenty four hours
Drag by, yet aren’t long enough.
I need time to eat.

Eyelids heavy as
Another night passes by.
I’ll sleep when I’m dead.

Last year, I could nap.
So this is what they meant when
They said school was hard!

I cannot be in
Fifteen places at one time!
…Okay, I will try.

To my professors:
What do you do with your time?
Laugh at our sorrows?

Have my professors
Even graded our last tests?
“I’ll get to them soon.”

T-minus eight weeks
Until the semester ends.
Christmas, where are you?

Complaining may be
Annoying, stressful and rude,
But I can’t help it.

Have you ever tried
Six classes, three clubs, one job?
I don’t suggest it.

But I took it on
And I will survive to say,
“Bring it on, Week Eight!”

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    Nicely done!!!

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