Just Say No to Clubs

Ahh, the college involvement fair: The two-hour-long freebie and flyer extravaganza teeming with swarms of elbow-throwing exec teams on the hunt for the newest students to join their organizations that, to most, epitomizes the pinnacle of their freshman year experience.

Just a few days ago, I strongly anticipated that I would spend the entirety of my first involvement fair from behind the tables enduring a burning nostalgia for my days as an eager first-year student. Instead, I found myself plagued with flashbacks to my own freshman year involvement fair—aka, the moment it all began.

Oh, but do not be mistaken! It does not refer to the joys of discovering a sense of belonging amongst my peers, but rather the mountain of Post-Its plastered throughout my planner reminding me of my countless to-dos and the numerous sleepless nights attempted in my quest to conquer them all.

Oh, yes, I remember it as though it were just a mere 366 days ago. Go Greek? Sure, having sisters sounds nice! Her Campus? Uh, obviously! Etiquette club? Why, it would be rude of me not to sign up! I must have written my email address down about 85 times, and I have a full inbox—and planner—to show for it.

Sure, you’ll get to network with people if you join a club here or there, and there’s nothing wrong with making some extra cash at a job, but people who claim that the friendships you develop in these organizations will last a lifetime clearly haven’t experienced the heartbreak that ensues following the devastating realization that you no longer have time to hang out with said friends because you are too busy dashing from meeting to meeting.

Speaking of meetings… I wish I could stick around to chat, but I just used the 15 minutes that I’ve allotted myself for dinner to write this article— I must depart, for I have exactly five minutes to take an online quiz while sprinting the 10-minute walk to my next meeting.

Remember, kids: Just say NO to clubs. Your circadian rhythm will thank you.


Author’s Note: Okay, I admit this article was satirical—to an extent. In fact, I am in no way against joining clubs, as evidenced by the feature I produced for my high school TV class titled “The Club is Right.”

What are you waiting for? Follow the advice of the Club Enthusiast and get involved. Go Greek, play a sport or join a club, but be mindful of the amount of time you are devoting to each of these organizations versus the amount of time you have left to eat, sleep and do homework. Building friendships and networking can be a productive way to break up the monotony of your homework routine, but trust me, it’s not worth sacrificing your sanity for the sake of your bogged-down résumé. 


Article published on Her Campus Ohio U: http://www.hercampus.com/school/ohio-u/just-say-no-clubs

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  1. You said it perfectly at the end…we have to be mindful of our time. I loved networking in college, but it was about picking 1-2 main clubs to be a part of for me to stay sane lol

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