Athens at Dawn

‘Twas the Saturday before classes started and all through the campus, not a student was stirring except for five crazy girls who decided to wake up at 5:40 a.m. to see the sunrise.

Disregard my poor rhyme scheme, for I, too, was one of those early risers– my mind is in a haze, though not quite as foggy as the horizon this morning.

Earlier this week, a group of my friends and I spontaneously decided to take a hike up to Radar Hill, a cleared plot of land about 20 minutes uphill from The Ridges at Ohio University.

After getting chased down on multiple occasions by a horsefly who may or may not have been trying to kill us, we managed to make it to the top where we saw a sunset, a distant thunderstorm and miles of treetops that surround OU’s campus.

It was the memory of those views combined with a car ride jam sesh to John Mayer’s song “3×5” that sparked the idea for us to make the trek back to Radar Hill this morning to see the sunrise.

(Note: For those of you wondering if it is truly possible to “jam” out to John Mayer, you clearly have not found the right people to ride in the car with.)

5:40 a.m. arrived much more quickly than any of us had anticipated, and only 5 of us were daring (and awake) enough to get dressed in the dark, pile in the car and sprint the uphill hike in order to make it to the top before 6:45 a.m.

Although it was John Mayer’s lyrics “you should have seen that sunrise with your own eyes” that inspired us to take on this adventure, I still cannot relate to his earlier verses of the same song when he sings, “today I finally overcame trying to fit the world inside a picture frame”– I couldn’t resist the urge to take photos of this morning’s glimpse of Athens at dawn.

If my above ramblings weren’t enough to convince you to wake up before the crack of dawn, perhaps you’ll be swayed by my photos; if all else fails, keep in mind that we concluded our morning adventure with a trip to Union Street Diner for breakfast.

Ahh, yes. It is good to be back in Athens once again.














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  1. Mary Ann Golski says: Reply

    Enjoyed this. Have a great year

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  2. John Mayer??! No Beatles ‘Here Comes The Sun’ or ‘Good Day Sunshine’??? I have failed you in so many ways!!!!

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