The Sunshine State of Mind

Slowly (okay, quickly) but surely I’ve found myself becoming the irritating “friend” and “follower” who posts every waking moment of her life to social media via photos, video and blog posts.

As I took the time to shoot the hours and hours of video that went into this 2 minutes and 44 second video, I routinely paused to ask myself whether I was accumulating the footage merely for the sake of showcasing my whereabouts on social media, or if I was genuinely amused by the act of capturing the memories. Was I living in the moment and enjoying the sights I was seeing, or was I more concerned with gathering unnecessary gigabytes of video to file away in a hard drive?

Sometimes I caught myself falling victim to the stereotypical Millennial mindset of brainstorming potential captions and filters for my photos and videos that hadn’t even been taken yet. More often than not, however, I found myself excitedly gasping after I accidentally captured the perfect shots and eagerly looking forward to when I would be able to sit down and edit it all together.

Admittedly, it has taken me about a month to finally go through it all. I would solemnly swear to shoot less next time, but let’s be honest– I probably won’t follow through. I’m not ashamed, nor will I put forth a great deal of effort into preventing myself from recording practically every waking moment of my existence.

The way I see it, I’m still living in the moment, even when I’m capturing it for posterity (If my posterity even bothers to go through all of this video! Heck, will they even know what a hard drive is?! Will GoPros be just as obsolete as old flip phone cameras?! I don’t want to think about it).

Did I force– err, encourage my brother to aim his skim board towards my camera so I could get a better shot of his tricks? Yes. But did I also comb through videos and find candid clips of interactions with my family and friends along with vivid images of the area we explored? Absolutely. Until I stop finding joy in what I’m doing, I will continue to stick my camera in people’s faces and write about the experience.

I apologize in advance.

I do understand how my constant documentation of my relatively uneventful life can become annoying for my friends. If you care to read and watch what I post, thank you. Although I’m mostly writing and editing for my own entertainment, it really does mean a great deal to me knowing that there are people with enough patience to make it through my lengthy posts and who take the time to “like” them.


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  1. I feel like I’m a victim of doing this as well… Hopefully with my European trip I can experience it the way I want to and not entirely through social media! Good thoughts

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