A Sunset Swim

Bright, erupting sunsets cascading down over a body of water that reflect so vibrantly I can’t even tell where the sky ends and the water begins are undeniably my favorite phenomena to witness, even when they signal the end to a magnificent vacation. After several rounds of cards lazily played as we lounged around in our pajamas, the skies finally cleared mid-afternoon, so we headed to Bonita Beach for one last warm water and seashell-clad shore hurrah.

As the low tide settled in, we began finding dozens of sea creatures just below our feet.
After retrieving two small hermit crabs and a snail, Kevin discovered the catch of the day: a starfish (whom we named Patrick, naturally).
One of the first books that I read by myself was about a starfish. To this day, I can recite the first sentence from memory: “Starfish that live on the ocean bed are purple, orange, brown and red.” Yes, I am aware that this is taking up valuable brain space. As the sun lowered itself in the sky, we were reminded that the starfish was not the only aspect of nature that looked infinitely more lovely decked in these vibrant colors.



Despite the rhythmic melody of waves crashing on the shore, they weren’t quite large enough for boogie boarding…


…so we just floated around, imagining that we were hanging ten (or whatever those surfer dudes are saying these days).


Is the term “surfer dude” even politically correct? Surfer person? Surfer folks? Surfer gal?


Never mind– I don’t think we’re qualified enough to earn the title, anyway.


I probably took 100 too many photos of the sky, but can you really blame me?


When we found ourselves in the water during this trip, more often than not Brad was standing on his hands. Mrs. Heyd even remarked on how when she thinks back to this vacation years from now, she will fondly recall Brad’s feet flopping in the air.


This was our way of jumping for joy that we made it a week in close quarters without murdering each other. Can you tell how thrilled the boys were to be posing for yet another photo?


There is absolutely nothing more enchanting than floating in the water as the sky above bursts into a painting of red, yellow, purple and orange.



We could’ve stayed there and savored it for hours, but alas, darkness settled in and forced us to load the car and bid farewell to the beach. As it turns out, our vacation isn’t quite over yet; our car broke down this morning, keeping us stranded in Florida for at least another day. There are worse things that can happen, though– I’m still in a sunshine state of mind.


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  1. Really amazing pictures! Such a cute starfish <3

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