High from Fort Myers Beach

At the risk of sounding like an overused post card greeting, I would like to send my greetings from rainy Fort Myers Beach!

Hello! Salutations! High– err, hi!


The title of this post was most definitely inspired by the magnet that my brother discovered at one of the many seaside gift shops we patronized during our excursion to Fort Myers Beach.


One thing this island is high in is color. Despite the on-and-off drizzle throughout the afternoon, the abundance of color this town radiates made up for the lack of blue skies.


As we crossed the bridge into Estero Island, the rainbow building facades speckled the landscape and welcomed us into this vibrant beach town.


The rain couldn’t scare us away from setting up camp at the beach. The water wasn’t quite as clear as it had been on Sunday, but the white sand was an open invitation for sandcastles galore.


Mallory, an aspiring artist, took right to making a series of sculptures that spelled out “Dad” so she could take a picture to send to her dad, who is working and had to miss the trip.


On Tuesday, we beat the rain showers by spending the day at the Miromar Outlets; Mallory was adamant about stopping by the Nike store so she could take a look at the boys tennis shoes. Her mom put up quite a fight, but little Mal won and walked out of the store with a brand-new pair of gray and red Nike high top basketball shoes. I’m tellin’ ya, she’s a total free spirit.


Brad and Kevin took advantage of the sandy, almost shell-free shoreline by skim boarding.


My skim boarding skills are less than stellar, so I opted to photograph their activities, rather than falling on my face.












Meanwhile, the rest of us rode the waves that Tropical Storm Colin brought in his wake.


I wouldn’t be surprised if my mom had more fun boogie boarding than any of the kids combined.




It’s all fun and games until a pesky drop of water blurs an otherwise stellar shot; it’s one of the GoPro’s few hamartias.




About 20 tries later and we finally nailed our GoPro selfie. Thanks for smiling, little Mal!


It’s remarkable how quickly a place starts to feel like home; although we have embarked on new adventures every day, watching the palm trees blow in the breeze as we pass increasingly familiar landmarks on our way back home to the condo each day is something that I know I will miss when we have to say goodbye to the Sunshine (Rain??) State in just two days.

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