At the End of the Rainbow

The Golski and Heyd families were not the only new arrivals in Florida this week; as soon as we decided to make the journey to the Gulf, Tropical Storm Colin decided to roll in, too. I like to think that we’re trend setters of sorts, and that Colin just had to come pay us a visit, just to see how cool we really were.

But probably not.

Despite the unfavorable weather looming in the forecast, we’ve managed to enjoy a weekend of outdoor activities, mostly unscathed by Colin’s wrath.

Mrs. Heyd and my mom insisted that we dedicate our first day in Florida to unwinding, stress-free activity. Thus, we spent the entire afternoon by the pool, getting out only to grab a bite to eat. Kevin and Brad spent a considerable portion of this pool time on their hands with their feet flailing in the air.

Saturday night, we dined at Ford’s Garage at the Miromar Outlets in Estero, Florida– a tasty burger joint costumed in automobile parts as a tribute to Henry Ford himself. Yes, I took a picture of the bathroom sinks, and yes, I felt a twinge of touristy shame as I did.

My mom and I were both impressed by the quote on the wall of the restaurant. It really is a thought-provoking concept and makes you realize how much more you can accomplish if you think for yourself, rather than relying on others’ opinions.

Okay, but enough with the deep thinking– a day at the beach requires complete and total mindlessness. With the exception of the mind power it takes to delve into a great book, that is. (My current beach read is Look Me in the Eye by John Elder Robinson, a 10/10 so far in my opinion!)
On Sunday, we spent the day at Lighthouse Point in Sanibel, Florida. The skies seemed threatening upon our arrival, but managed to hold back all but a few sprinkles in the early afternoon.
What we were left with was the ideal beach day– warm enough to want to get in the water, of course, but not unbearably sunny and dangerously hot. Life was just beachy.
The stormy weather stirred up some rougher waters, but the waves beckoned us in, urging us to spend the afternoon submerged in the salt and sand. We happily obliged.
As Northeast Ohioans, we were all pleasantly surprised by the Gulf’s much warmer temperatures than the Lake Erie beaches we are more accustomed to.
Mallory and Lindsey appear to be jumping for joy, but don’t be deceived– this photo captured fleeting moment when the two were completely getting along.
Miss Mallory Heyd is the most free-spirited person whom I’ve ever met. She is loving, artistic, full of questions and undeniably sassy.
Lindsey is an athlete with a body full of energy and a heart even more filled with compassion. When she wasn’t leaping over the crashing waves, she spent most of the afternoon diving under the water to collect sand dollars, crabs and other creatures to admire and show off to everyone before delicately placing them back in their natural homes.
Our first two days in Florida were successful, but for the sake of our reddened skin, I’m afraid the next day or so will have to be spent indoors. I don’t think Colin will have a problem assisting us with this hot weather hiatus.

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