Free Food, Photo Ops and Florida

As I’m composing this post, I’m sitting on a porch with a smoothie in my hand and a clear view of palm trees, blue skies and sunshine. The sound of children giggling resonates throughout the house, and the cry of someone pleading for aloe is drifting from the kitchen.

Life is pretty grand.

We finally made it to the condo last night after about eight more hours of driving, but again, the trek was less than torturous. Although we had to hit the road after just six hours of sleep, the free doughnuts we obtained at Krispy Kreme in honor of National Doughnut Day were a delicious consolation prize.


Mrs. Heyd was more interested in hitting the road than stopping for doughnuts, but I knew that her daughters, Lindsey and Mallory, would be useful accomplices in my “convince the moms to let us stop for doughnuts” crusade.


Besides, I was driving– I call the shots! (Within reason). Last year on National Doughnut Day, I had to get my wisdom teeth removed and could not celebrate the holiday properly. I’d say that savoring a strawberry frosted doughnut while sitting in a parking lot in Georgia this year more than made up for my losses last year.


As per the Heyd’s tradition, we made a pit stop at the Florida Welcome Center, which was a classic photo opportunity cleverly disguised as a bathroom break.


One of the hallmarks of stopping at the Florida Welcome Center is the complimentary cup of orange juice or grapefruit juice they greet you with– infinitely tastier than the peanuts we might have eaten had we opted to travel via airplane, if you ask me.


Now that we’re at the condo, relaxation is in full swing. Coloring in her pajamas is one of Mallory’s favorite activities, though I am personally looking forward to the real-life version of the beach scene in her sketch.

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