Rocking Around the Sandusky

Some girls look forward to receiving cute texts wishing them a good night, sans biting bed bugs. Others cherish waking up to thoughtful “good morning” messages, reminding them how they’re in the forefront of their significant others’ minds, even in the earliest of hours.

I, on the other hand, was particularly satisfied one afternoon when I found myself in a group message initiated by a text that read: “Anyone up for an adventure on this gorgeous day?”

Thus sparked the idea for my friends Rachael, Cailyn, Krista, Joe and I to head to the  Sandusky Historic Waterfront to spend the evening exploring the quaint treasures the town has to offer.

When we hit a wall in our adventure, naturally we had to attempt to scale it…


… and then when we got more than two inches off the ground, naturally it became a photo opportunity! As riveting as this fancy brick wall turned out to be, we started to suspect that Joe was feeling like we only invited him on our adventure so he could take our pictures. After posing for a few more shots, we departed for the lakefront. (Hey, nothing beats a good brick pic!)


I managed to take this photo before my adventuring accomplices opened up a side door to one of the buildings. No, nobody saw, so no, there was no impending danger. But if you don’t think we took off in a full-blown sprint toward the car just for the sake of a little adrenaline rush, well, you’d be quite mistaken.


As we made our way back to the car, we spotted another quirky wall. Crumbling architectural structures, as we found, have quite the charm.


I suppose you could say our adventure was off the wall!


After resisting the urge to chase down a family of geese, we found ourselves at a park adjacent to the Sandusky Yacht Club. We noticed the perfect view of the Cedar Point skyline in the distance and decided to make our way to the end of the pier to get a closer look.


Although the sidewalk didn’t get us very far, Cailyn urged us to continue onward, insisting that the view at the end of the pier was well worth trek across the rocky terrain.


I must admit, I think this endeavor made us a little bit boulder in our adventuring pursuits!


The thwack of something hitting the ground followed by a gasp is a combination of sounds you don’t typically want to hear while standing on rocks surrounded by water; Rachael’s sunglasses took a dive from her head and wedged themselves in a rocky crevice.


Krista, the heroine of the evening, came to the rescue. She snagged the glasses, and we were on our way.


Our stay at the end of the pier was short-lived, as Rachael discovered that the odor we were catching whiffs of was a dead bird wedged in between two of the rocks. And so we ran.


…after taking the time to take one last selfie, of course. Hey, you can’t let quality natural lighting go to waste!


I love these views a whole yacht.


The overcast skies weren’t exactly ideal conditions for us to watch a classic Lake Erie sunset, but you have to admit– it was still beautiful!


Joe’s reward for putting up with the four of us all evening? Twelve scoops of Toft’s Blueberry Waffle Cone ice cream, which we happily helped him devour.

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